George Winter, journalist, Irish Medical News, 13 July 2009.

“A group of Japanese scientists…hypothesise that ‘very low but sustained lithium intake can prevent suicide in the general population’…here is medical science as an institution of social control, with the physicians as ‘biocrats’ subverting democracy by the sheer force of their ‘professionalism’. Has medicine become too professional, with ‘cases’ to be ‘fixed’ rather than help […]

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John Waters, Irish Times journalist

John Waters, Irish Times journalist, described my first book Beyond Prozac as: “The single most important contribution  to  our understanding of suicide in the past ten years . . . As a statement by a qualified and practising doctor of something which many of us instinctively know to be true, it is a vital articulation of the […]

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Rubber Bandits

  “#limerickcityofculture fact. One of the world’s most forward thinking doctors on psychiatric illness is a Limerick man @DrTerryLynch”. @Rubberbandits · 5 Jan 2014 (tweet).

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