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About Terry Lynch

Dr-Terry-LynchTerry is a medical doctor and psychotherapist. He is registered with the Irish Medical Council and is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists. For the past twelve years, Terry has provided a recovery-oriented mental health service in Limerick, Ireland. Terry was a member of the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy (2003-6) that formulated A Vision for Change (2006), Ireland’s official mental health policy document. He was appointed by the Irish Department of Health and Children to the Independent Monitoring Group for A Vision for Change (2006-9) and was reappointed to the Second Monitoring Group for A Vision for Change (2009-12). Terry was appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Health Service Executive to the Mental Health Expert Advisory Group (2006-8).

Terry is the author of best-selling Beyond Prozac: Healing Mental Distress, which was shortlisted for the 2002 Mind Book of the year Award. Terry’s second book, Selfhood: A Key to the Recovery of Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental Health Problems was published in 2011. Terry has a long list of books he intends to publish in the coming years. His next book is at the editing stage and will be available later in 2014. Entitled Depression Delusion: The Misleading of the Public though Bias, Misinformation, Flawed Logic, Blind Faith, Poor Science, Fixed Beliefs and Misguided Understanding, this book challenges the prevailing view that depression is a biological disease.

Terry works with people with a wide range of emotional and mental health problems including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder/manic depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and eating disorders.

Marianne Murphy Lynch BA. Dip. PC MIAHIP

Marianne is a qualified accredited Psychotherapist who specialises in mental health. Marianne is a Sociology graduate of UCD and has previously worked in the community sector primarily with homelessness, mental health and addiction. It was this experience that crystallised her interest in psychotherapy and mental health. Marianne has always had a keen interest in human behaviour and human potential. She worked in leadership development and emotional intelligence training for the management sector nationwide for more than 15 years.

Marianne qualified psychotherapist in 2010 since then she has been in practice with her husband Dr. Terry Lynch providing a recovery focused mental health service in Limerick city. Marianne has supported clients in their recovery from anxiety and panic disorders, depression, addiction, eating disorders and bipolar disorder. She works across a broad range of mental health issues. She is a fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist. She has completed postgraduate studies in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Mindfulness. Marianne also delivers educational workshops based on Dr. Terry Lynch’s book Selfhood.

How we work

Our starting point is always the validity of the person’s experience. We seek to understand what are commonly referred to as mental health symptoms and to look at how the behaviours and experiences might make sense in the context of the person’s life story and their personal journey. Creating relationships with our clients which are based on understanding, empathy, caring, genuineness and commitment is at the heart of our therapeutic work. Other aspects of our work include the healing of unfinished emotional and psychological business. We also assist our clients to become aware of old patterns of thinking and feeling. This increased awareness of how they are being and behaving gives people choices and empowers them to move forward.

We also focus on working with the client to raise their sense of self or what we refer to as Selfhood. We have found low Selfhood to be a consistent feature in people who experience emotional distress and mental health issues. We have found this approach to be the most effective way to meet the needs of our clients and to support people in their journey of recovery.