Our starting point is always the validity of the person’s experience. We seek to understand what are commonly referred to as mental health symptoms and to look at how the behaviours and experiences might make sense in the context of the person’s life story and their personal journey. Creating relationships with our clients which are based on understanding, empathy, caring, genuineness and commitment is at the heart of our therapeutic work. Other aspects of our work include the healing of unfinished emotional and psychological business.

We also assist our clients to become aware of old patterns of thinking and feeling. This increased awareness of how they are being and behaving gives people choices and empowers them to move forward. We also focus on working with the client to raise their sense of self or what we refer to as Selfhood. We have found low Selfhood to be a consistent feature in people who experience emotional distress and mental health issues. We have found this approach to be the most effective way to meet the needs of our clients and to support people in their journey of recovery.




New development – Mental Health Academy – Courses on mental health

Marianne and I are delighted to announce that we are setting up a Mental Health

23 Nov 2015

Dr. Terry Lynch’s new website, as of September 2015

From September 2015, Dr. Terry Lynch’s website will be There you will find Terry’s blog,

30 Sep 2015

“Selfhood” now available on kindle.

I’m pleased to announce that my book “Selfhood: A Key to the Recovery of Emotional

13 Aug 2015

Mindfreedom Ireland, “An Evening with Dr. Terry Lynch”, Cork, 08th Sept 2015.

I have a long association with Mindfreedom Ireland. I am therefore very pleased to be

3 Jun 2015

1st May 2015: “Exploring the depression delusion”: A conversation with Dr. Terry Lynch, The Far Side Arts Festival, Athlone, 19th September (Saturday), 3 pm.

I will be discussing my latest book, “Depression Delusion Volume One: The Myth of the

1 May 2015

My next book, “Depression Delusion, Volume One: The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance” (publication date 02 Sept 2015)

I’m delighted to say that my next book is now complete, and will be officially

21 Apr 2015

Terry is a Guest Speaker at the Samaritans Annual Conference March 2015

Terry will be a Guest Speaker at the Samaritans Annual Conference on 21 March 2015 at

2 Dec 2014